Help-Me-Watch is an online web application that presents personalised video summaries of live lectures, tutorials, and review sessions held using Zoom. The app was developed as a response to student feedback on their experiences with online lectures and tutorials after the arrival of COVID-19. Students highlighted that they found it challenging to remain attentive during online learning sessions because of various distractions, citing examples such as sharing a room with others, general noise within the home with family members working from home or other examples from answering the door to take deliveries to dogs barking!

Lecturer starts with a Google Form

At the start of semester, a lecturer submits a Google Form to supply basic information on the module for which the attention levels of students to be used.

Lecturer only: Lecturer request form to register a new module on Help-Me-Watch

Once the form is submitted, the lecturer receives a confirmation email with a public key code (representing the module) and a private passcode (for later review purposes). Before the first live online learning session of the module, the lecturer informs students of the public key code for the module which is entered when using Help-Me-Watch to log attention levels. This is done just once for each module at the start of the semester.

The confirmation email also includes a link to a Google form where the lecturer copies and pastes the URL of the Zoom-recorded lecture video.

Students review recordings of the learning sessions

Module Review Site for Students is the site for students to review recorded lectures.

Lecturer reviews the attention levels of lectures

After a live online learning session is delivered, the lecturer can review how much attention students collectively paid throughout the class.

Lecturer Review Site allows a lecturer to use the private key code emailed earlier when registering the module, to see the anonymised overall attention levels for the learning session. Here is a brief instruction on how to read the attention graph.



Research, system design and deployment behind Help-Me-Watch can be found in the following publications page.




Help-Me-Watch is partly supported by Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) under Grant Number SFI/12/RC/2289_P2, co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund.